Provoking excellence in performing arts & cultivating talent in our multi-cultural and diverse world!



International Performing Arts & Theatre (I-PATH) is a well-respected performing arts education organisation helping to shape the future of performing arts qualifications. I-PATH is an examining board accredited by Global Education Training & Qualifications (GETQ).

I-PATH draws upon the expertise of its directorship; who are from and teach at institutions such as Cirque Du Soleil, the University of Oxford, Aberystwyth University, Harvard University and University Centre Weston. I-PATH combines skills and expertise to create the most modern and innovative programmes of studies that are accessible for all, utilising the most appropriate pedagogies; alongside our unique approach as the arts as a method for holistic development of the student.


I-PATH is privileged to have been invited and is now a part of the Council of International Dance, the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) supported umbrella body for dance across the globe. I-PATH is known to develop pragmatic and relevant programmes and qualifications, combining the best of practical skills and fundamental theoretical understanding.


I-PATH is also an advocate for arts in education, which is represented through several Directors being Fellows of the Royal Society of the Arts, and significant contributors to learned societies. We support primary and secondary schools in developing their creative arts offer through integrating specially designed programmes into their curriculum and school day; thus, helping to enhance social development and academic achievement. Not only this, our programmes of study and other services can support schools to provide a framework for qualifications to be delivered. Through our range of rich expertise, we offer dance masterclasses by drawing upon world renown choreographers and dancers to deliver sessions once a month and in the summer school through the Phoenix brand.


Finally, I-PATH has a charitable arm 'The I-PATH Foundation', which is there to support students with  examination fees as well as supporting state schools to access our creative arts programmes.